Mulcahy Report 2016

Colm Daly wins Mulcahy again

We had a good turnout of 32 this year, with Colm Daly being clear favourite, there were no surprises in round one with everything going to rating. Richard Gould was earning his arbiters norm and showed he meant business by booming out “let’s have some quiet please” to start his address.
The biggest surprise of round two was when Pat rang Drahoslav Stejskal who had asked for travelling bye in the first round the previous week, said he was on holidays in the Czech republic, it’s hard running tournaments sometimes! But Piotr Leichert beating Hugh Doyle in a tough game was up there.

Piotr showed he was on form by beating Henk de Jonge in the third round and George O’Brien gave ex Irish Champ Eamon Keogh no chances after getting a very strong position. Desmond Doran drew against Pat Twomey in an opposite colour bishop ending. Keegan O’Mahoney played an interesting game against Sydney Cassidy in round 3.

In the fourth round Piotr gave Colm a good game, but lost in the end and Tom Healy held Kieran Moynihan to a draw.
Kieran got a winning position against Colm in round 5 but with very little time left missed the best continuation and ended up having to take a perpetual. DJ O’Donoghue blundered a piece against Steve Short.
In the final round Colm had a very lucky escape winning a lost position as can be seen from the game below. Kieran had a very tough game against Hugh being the last game to finish. DJ beating Henk and Piotr beating Eamon meaning they came joint third.

Report by Steve Short