Junior Ladder 1, 2020


Jack Maher 32
Luke Cahalane 32
Shane O’Duibhir 30
Alex Hogan26
Ben Davis24
Diarmuid Forrest24
David Kelleher22
Yatharth Chaturvedi 22
Maeve Forrest18
Brendan Forrest16
Daragh Egan16
Conor Davis12
Estelle Wehrkamp10
Padraig Bolger10
Killian McCarthy6
David Condon4
Isha Athmaja4
Claire Bradley2
Conor Pearson 2
Matthew Pearson2

Week 1

David Kelleher1-0Brendan Forrest
Diarmuid Forrest0-1Shane O’Duibhir
Ben Davis1-0Maeve Forrest
Yatharth Chaturvedi 1-0Claire Bradley
Luke Cahalane1-0David Condon
Daragh Egan1/2-1/2Alex Hogan
Jack Maher1-0Killian McCarthy

Week 2

Luke Cahalane1-0 Yatharth Chaturvedi
Ben Davis0-1 David Kelleher
Shane O’Duibhir 1-0Jack Maher
Alex Hogan 1-0 David Condon
Brendan Forrest 1-0Matthew Pearson
Conor Pearson0-1Diarmuid Forrest
Maeve Forrest 1/2-1/2 Killian McCarthy
Estelle Wehrkamp1-0Conor Davis

Week 3

David Kelleher0-1Luke Cahalane
Alex Hogan0-1Shane O’Duibhir
Diarmuid Forrest1-0Ben Davis
Jack Maher1-0Brendan Forrest
Maeve Forrest0-1Darragh Egan

Week 4

Luke Cahalane0-1Padraig Bolger
Jack Maher1-0Diarmuid Forrest
Alex Hogan1-0Brendan Forrest
Ben Davis1-0Barragh Egan
Yatharth Chaturvedi1-0Isha Athmaja
Hariharan0-1Maeve Forrest
Isha Athmaja0-1Conor Davis


  • The pairings will be decided on the night and will announced after the mini lecture.
  • Each competitor starts with a score of 0. The scoring systems is 10 points for a win, 5 points for a draw and 2 points for a loss.
  • Number of Whites and Blacks played per competitor should balance out over the course of the tournament.
  • Competitors shouldn’t play each other again if they have played already.
  • Moves must be recorded for a certain number of moves – depending on the level of the competitor in question.
  • Game time is 15 minutes per side.