Junior Chess

We host regular junior chess nights at Cork Chess Club. These start at 7.00pm. All players are welcome from those with no knowledge of the game to experienced players.

Just turn up on the night or contact corkchess@gmail.com to be added to our Junior Chess mailing list and WhatsApp groups to be notified of upcoming junior events.


  • Try to move all your pieces at least once. You need your full army to attack your opponent.
  • You want to control the center as your pieces will be stronger there.
  • Roughly the order to develop is first move pawns to gain space, then knights and bishops, castling to get the king safe and develop the rook and only then the queen.
  • Don’t bring your queen out too early – she’ll only get attacked by your opponent and you may even lose her. And it’s time to leave Scholar’s Mate behind! It may have worked up until now but stronger opponents will attack your queen and develop their own army.
  • For more advanced openings see this booklet which will introduce your to some of the standard e4 openings. Time to learn about the Italian Game, Evan’s Gambit, Sicilian and more.


https://www.icu.ie/juniors – Junior Chess Home Page for the ICU

https://www.chesskid.com/ – Great site for kids to play chess safely online against other kids and also learn how to play chess in a structured way.

https://www.ficheall.ie – An organisation promoting chess in primary schools in Cork